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Animatronic Dinosaur

Zigong Century dinosaur science& technology Co., Ltd. (Herein after referred as Zigong Century Dinosaur) is a park life size dinosaur manufacturing plant with their own export rights. The company covers an area of 10000 square meters and owns a dedicated team of more than 60 members. 

    Aim to bring the most realistic animatronic dinosaurs back to world, Zigong Century Dinosaur never stopped developing their products, By far, they have developed the most advanced control system in this field and became the first and only manufacturer which can realize 100% match between movement and sound. Besides, most of their skilled artists and technicians are with decades of experience in the same industry, more creative ideas and better developed service were acquired through the experience gained from those projects.

Life size dinosaur products are their specialty. Their activities cover a wide range of products such as realistic animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass dinosaur models, dinosaur rides, walking realistic dinosaur costumes&dinosaur suits, dinosaur skeleton replicas, dinosaur fossils, other dinosaur related decorations and all kinds of fiberglass statues. Orders against customer’s request specifying design, specification and packaging requirements are also accepted to allow the clients having extremely fantastic experience.

Zigong Century Dinosaur offers a complete line of products for many applications from theme park to museum, from city plaza to shopping mall, from amusement park to adventure land, from event promotion to party performance, from stage show to street prank. Till now, Zigong Century Dinosaur had served our dinosaurs for over 17 projects all over the world and is completely familiar with the challenges of working with clients from different countries to present excellent dinosaur shows.

Other than dinosaur products, Zigong Century Dinosaur also work with their clients on large traditional lantern lighting projects. They have successfully built wonderful lantern exhibitions and shows in countries like Thailand, UK, Korean, Canada, Malaysia and so on.

Fiberglass resin statues made by Zigong Century Dinosaur also occupies a great portion of the world market. Products covers fiberglass dinosaurs, fiberglass animals, fiberglass cartoon characters, fiberglass events and festival decorations, fiberglass abstract statues, fiberglass film characters, fiberglass western style statues, etc.

Zigong Century Dinosaur executes beyond the industry standards for quality and reliability for our work and always adheres to creative ideas. The galvanized coated dinosaur skeleton they made was found surprisingly wonderful by their clients. Also, Zigong Century Dinosaur also try their best to discover the functional value of their products except for the ornamental value.

Today Zigong Century Dinosaur is striving for performance excellence in its business development, and they are taking ongoing efforts to refine their service to meet the market needs and their company growth. The great jobs done by this excellent group permitted the company to grow fast and to soon become a recognized exporter in this industry.