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Jurassic World: 10 Best Dinosaur Attractions
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Dinosaurs are an interesting topic to every human being. The prehistoric beings are a part of a question of the world and its wonders. As soon as fossils were being found of the huge animals, people were intrigued by the life that they must have had. Fossils and new information about dinosaurs are still being found today, and it keeps on making everyone excited. The most famous franchise that we can talk about is Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton was the author of the novel, but Universal Studios made it a reality for every kid that was part of the 90’s. Everyone was pumped up to see a movie based on a faulty theme park. The trilogy of the initial films was quite popular among people, and now there is a spin-off series called the Jurassic World. The fifth edition Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom will release in 2018, and everyone is pumped for it.

So, if people love Jurassic Park, then they surely have to like theme parks and museums that are dedicated to dinosaurs. In the park, there is often life-sized dinosaurs and other attractions whereas in museums they have fossils, bones and other things related to the pre-historic life. So, a list of dinosaur attraction has been made for the people who can’t just get over the amazing dinosaurs.